Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Next Big Thing in IM : Google+

In Internet Marketing, social media or social network sites are an important piece of jigsaw puzzle to your overall internet marketing venture. Thus, it is a force that cannot be ignored. Soon, there will be another HUGE platform coming into picture and I am sure it will create a great impact to your internet marketing action.

Google+, is the answer to facebook by Google, the search engine giant! It is currently in intensive trial stage and stay tune for this forthcoming great thing. For sneak preview of what Google+ has to offer, do check-out my post below:

The Next Big Thing

I personally view that Internet Marketers can tap on the following features of Google+ to increase their visibility on this new social network and/or overall search ranking in Google:

1. Circles - Unlike Facebook, Circles allow you to easily group your friends into different circles so that you can share the pertinent message/information to selected circles only. It is beneficial for target marketing especially if you can incorporate your "list" as your circles!

2. Sparks - It allows you to search and save any articles, video, audio (or anything at all) of your interest so that you can read it later. Better still, you can share it with your friends or circles of friends. It is a great place to "promote" your website/blogs.

3. Hangouts - This is the platform for you and your friends to be on video chat while on the move. If it's taken off well, could be a potential platform for placement of ads or affiliate programs of your choice.

Enjoy your social media marketing venture and keep learning.


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