Tuesday, 29 November 2011

SPECIAL: Cash Texts, the next generation of mobile marketing venture

Since you are browsing my blog and reading this post, I assumed that you are interested in looking ways to earn residual money online, either in big scale or smaller scale. Keep searching as I can give you assurance that earning online is not a myth. However, it's also not a magic that you can turn wealthy overnight through internet marketing. There are lots of works to be done, knowledge to be absorbed and action to be taken.

Every now and then, there are many seemingly innovative and interesting programs/networks popping-up with seemingly promising earning potential, some are legit, some are questionable. With the recent popularity of smart phones and mobile generation, mobile marketing is the next big thing.

Talking about mobile marketing, recently I've chanced upon a program called Cash Texts which allow you to earn money through receiving text messages from the network. For the time being, this network is applicable to U.S based mobile phone holders only.

Following are the two key reason/benefits why you should consider exploring this network:
1. Registration is 100% FREE
2. Generous commission for receiving up to 5 SMS and through participating in their referral program.

If you are interested to tab on the mobile marketing and looking for innovative IM (Internet Marketing) venture, do check it out at Cash Texts


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