Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Facebook Cheat Sheet (Sizes and Dimensions)

I believed most of you folks would have a few social media accounts, among them, I am pretty sure that facbook will comes up top or second in your social networking activities. For me, facebook is my top social media both for personal sharing as well as my internet marketing venture.

Talk about facebook, I believed the last major revamp is the introduction of the Timeline. I know it has been quite awhile but noticed that there are still a number of users doesn't find it (the timeline) attractive and resort to the older user profile. For me, I find the timeline more graphical and catchy, also, it does provide more control for the user to place the more important message/statuses in a more prominent  section/position of the overall timeline.

However, one challenge that many of us are facing is to find out the appropriate sizes and dimensions of photos/videos for various section of the timeline that can yield a perfect view. Here comes the help, the Facebook Cheat Sheet (sizes and dimensions) from dreamgrow.com, presented in an easy to digest infographic format: