Saturday, 30 June 2012

5th Anniversary for the Mother Of All Smartphone aka iPhone

iphone, apple, steve jobs
On 29 June 2007, Apple launched the very first version of iPhone. Since then, the mobile scene has never been the same, iPhone has single handedly changed the world of mobile computing. Throughout these 5 years and the subsequent necessary handset upgrade to 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and the upcoming 5, iPhone is still deemed as the mother of all smartphone, globally.

The vision of ex-CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, changed the way how millions of people live their life (including myself) for the better. With his recent passing and Tim Cook taking over the helm now, Apple is going through an internal adjustment phase, this has given the competitors some breathing space and chance to hit back. Samsung's Galaxy S3 being the most talked about worthy contender now.

Anyway, what I am trying to highlight is that mobile computing like Smartphones and tablets are here to stay for the following reason:
1. It is Real-Time
2. It allows us to take the advantage  of location-based services
3. It integrates well with social media for greater reach

In my opinion, a few things that can make the mobile computing even more magical are:
1. Faster speed (with the upcoming launch of 4G networks, it will take care of the speed issue)
2. Lower cost of the handset and data services
3. More compatibility across different mobile devices

Thus, if you are involved in any form of internet marketing, do pay equal attention to the mobile marketing as well as it is a totally different ball-game with lucrative potential.


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Have You Heard Of The Social Media Day?

Social Media is becoming a very important component of overall marketing strategy in any kind of business (online or offline). In fact, it is so important nowadays that almost every website/blog you visit, there bounds to be few social sharing buttons/icons spread across the site (the main "culprit" will be non-other than Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the more recently Pinterest).

Talking about Social Media, do you know that there is actually a day being coined as "Social Media Day"? It is an annual event launched by the authority Social Media Blog, Mashable since 2010. So, this is the third year and it happen on every 30th June of the year. The original idea of this event is to recognise the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. What it does is to invite you to join fellow social media enthusiasts by hosting or attending a Social Media Day Meetup in your area. 

For more details of Social Media Day Event, check out the links below:

It is a day to learn and share with the social media enthusiasts around your area (physically or virtually). So, mark your calendar and go ahead to check out any Meetup event(s) in the area.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Facebook VS Google+ [Infographic]

I am sure you folks are aware by now that Social Media is getting more and more critical when comes to internet marketing. It plays a major role in Public Relation, Customer Service, and Traffics/Leads generation. More and more companies and entrepreneurs (big and small) are aggressively making their social presence in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc...

Even though Google+ is not very new in the market but it is still the latest heavy weight social media comes into play. Thus, it is common that we will compare it with the existing giants like Facebook or Twitter. I managed to source for an infographic depicting the key comparison between Google+ and Facebook. So, if you are still clueless about the important differences between these two social medis, check it out below:

infographic on google+ and facebook